It is a two-component quick-setting (5 seconds) material without seams and joints and provides 100% waterproofing. It adheres to structural elements regardless of the type of material (concrete, metal, wood etc.) and applies to any surface shape (flat, curved, zigzag, smooth, etc.)

It has high mechanical resistance as well as high resistance to chemicals; is very durable, adheres perfectly and firmly to almost all surfaces, is high resilience, and has thermal stability (contraction-expansion).

It is applied directly onto the area with a special high-pressure spray machine and the final product is a resilient surface with resistance to wear and tear, chemicals and aging (long lifespan). 

It is recommended for areas such exposed industrial floors, loading areas, sports facilities, water parks, swimming pools, fountains, playgrounds, tiled roofs, verandas, etc.

The excellent waterproofing results are the combination of the most reliable and technologically advanced waterproofing materials worldwide, and the correct and optimum way of applying them with the appropriate mechanical equipment by our company’s highly trained and experienced staff.