Warranty and customer maintenance

Ecoroof puts its full weight behind its words and demonstrates respect towards its customers backed by our trustworthy, certified and guaranteed services.

Client files

For each project we undertake, we create a file with digital images, taken from the start of the project until its completion.

Warranty and technical support

Upon completion of the work, the client is given a written guarantee for the effectiveness of the system; the good quality of the materials used, the correct technique used to apply the system, and for the technical support provided.

Visual inspection

In regards to the warranty of the system, our company’s Technical Department will check the work and add its report to the project’s digital file. We are always one step ahead and anticipate any issues that may compromise the system, providing immediate solutions. As such, our guarantee is not simply a document, but an active and tangible service for our clients.

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Zero Maintenance

Ecoroof offers innovations in thermal insulation and waterproofing with polyurethane foam applications and pure polyurea, and provides a 10-year warranty with zero maintenance costs.