Thermal Insulation and Applications

With thermal insulation offering the only available thermal protection of buildings against weather conditions, it is imperative to insulate any building that is heated or air-conditioned to avoid wasting energy and money. Thermal insulation can be applied to a construction’s roof, walls, ceiling, coverings and flooring both internally and externally.

Our company provides thermal insulation for existing, afflicted buildings, or those under construction using polyurethane foam spray, which is the most advanced method due to its quick application, efficiency and effectiveness. The results are instant and impressive; guaranteeing an indoor temperature that is least 4-5 ° C lower and a reduction in energy consumption (heating and cooling of the building) of at least  40-45%.

Thermal insulation is not only the product itself, but a complete system of application and materials. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work and adhere to the instructions and guidelines for the optimum application of the materials.