Financing for the Installation of Thermal Insulation Roofing in Homes

This loan concerns the installation of thermal insulation roofing in residential units and is directed at private home owners who are permanent residents of Cyprus:

  • Attractive interest rate of 3%, with no collateral required.
  • Maximum loan amount of €10,000.
  • Repayment period of 7 years.
  • Requirement of 1 (one) creditworthy guarantor.
  • No paperwork fees for the preparation of documents and the contract. The customer will just be charged a €10 fee for the evaluation of the thermal transmittance calculations to ensure that they meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements. This fee will be paid to the Employers and Industrialists Federation.
  • No customer contribution required; the loan covers up to 100% of the cost of the thermal insulation.
  • Possibility of early or partial repayment of the loan without penalties
  • Documents required in order to examine an application:
    • A quotation from a heat insulation company (which must be included in the Employers and Industrialists Federation’s register of approved installers).
    • An energy study (if there is one), or the heat transmission calculation, which must be made by a specialist (energy consultant).

Table of Interest Rates for the installation of Thermal Installation in the Roofing of Homes

Purpose of Loan Collateral Provided Base Rate (Α) Margin (Β) Total Interest Rate (Α+Β) APR
Home Roof Insulation NO 2,75% 0,25% 3,00% 3,02%


Note: The Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR) has been calculated on 13/04/2017 for a €10,000 loan, repayable in 7 years, with a variable interest rate which consists of the 2.75% Base Rate of Cooperative Banks, plus margin, without initial loan costs.