Flat Roofs

Thermally insulating a flat roof is imperative as it offers a very large saving in both the energy consumed to maintain a desired temperature, and the cost of this energy.

The floor directly under the roof is the floor that bears the most burden as it is prone to the affects of both the winter and summer outdoor temperatures. Thermal insulation can be applied either internally or externally of the roof and is suitable for tiled, corrugated or trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.

1. External thermal insulation.

The polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the tiles or sheet metal from the topside and then coated with specially applied materials or polyurea - usually in the tile colour so as not to change the colour of the roof. Polyurethane adheres perfectly to the roof so it becomes a part of it.

2. Internal thermal insulation.

If the roof is the visible roof of the interior and no other plates interfere, then the polyurethane foam is sprayed directly onto the inclined surface of the tile or metal sheet roofing. As the polyurethane becomes as one with the tiles or sheet metal and is obviously visible, this method is usually applied to buildings where aesthetics are not a factor, such as warehouses.

The excellent thermal insulation results are the combination of the most reliable and technologically advanced thermal insulation materials worldwide, and the correct and optimum way of applying them with the appropriate mechanical equipment by our company’s highly trained and experienced staff.